I was eating out the other day and noticed the core from a head of lettuce was in the serving pan with the rest of the lettuce. It has never occurred to me to pick that thing up and eat it, but maybe it’s like the neck on a chicken. Some people like the neck, others shy away.

Or maybe it’s like the heel on a loaf of bread or something. But I never take that either unless it’s down to the last two pieces of bread and both are heels. Then I turn them inside out and try to fool myself that it’s regular bread.

Tailgating took on new meaning this past Saturday. After being in Manhattan the previous Saturday and seeing the massive tailgating that occurs there, I saw the smallest tailgate I have ever seen. I saw one guy in the Tabor parking lot with a small round grill with what appeared to be one chicken on it. The game was about to begin and the chicken was still cooking.

— We are so happy for Tina Olsen, who has been with us at the Free Press almost from the beginning. She was married Nov. 1 to Justin Groening. We wish nothing but the best of everything for them.

I never thought the fires in San Bernardino, Calif., would affect us, but someone for whom we are formatting and printing a book lost his home to the fires. I just received a letter asking for my e-mail address; our client is starting over with everything. The book is not lost, though. He sent us the files prior to the fire.

With the Nov. 9 opening of the newest restaurant in Hillsboro, folks can choose between 10 places to eat in our town. Can you name them all?

Here they are, not in any particular order: Olde Towne, McDonald’s, Sonic, Pizza Hut, Subway, Tabor Cafeteria, Little Pleasures, Daylight Donut Shop, Vogt’s Deli and now Arlene’s Family Restaurant.

I should mention that you will find more area dining options in our regular dining guide feature on Page 12 of this week’s Free Press. Bon appétit!

I thought I should use that phrase since I needed to research how to spell it last week.

Something we like to do but don’t do as much of these days is get together with friends. It’s a great way to relax and catch up on what’s going on in the world.

We were invited to a Halloween party this past weekend and had a blast playing games and visiting. Heck, I even won a yo-yo for making a fool out of myself trying to operate a hula-hoop. I could have done it better if my middle was smaller. When I switched to my neck, I did much much better.

I’m getting keyed up these days because the Cameli boys are coming for a few days before Thanksgiving. Their parents are even planning to let them stay alone with us while they get together with friends they haven’t seen for a while.

It’s a great situation. They want a little relief from the daily grind and we can’t wait to spoil the boys rotten-well, at least a little bit, in case their parents see this.

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