have you ever been in a lower case frame of mind? i found that you can type much faster if you do not bother to use the shift key. typing this way is kind of like driving a car with an automatic transmission.

Fall is a wonderful time of the year except for all the flies-and maybe all of the “fly-in-my-soup” jokes, too. Some people never tire of them. At least that’s what some have told me.

Lowell Foth of Foth Service should be commended for the nice job he has done with his corner business. Looks great, I must say.

–Why is the word “abbreviated” so long?

I’ve switched from regular saltines to oyster crackers when I eat chili. Those little devils are too small to apply butter or margarine- of which I am trying to eat less.

Do you ever feel as though we have been over-regulated? Take the new “Do Not Call” law.

The extra burden it places on small businesses is astounding. I just attended a conference that included a session on this new law and how it affects newspapers. (It will be coming to fax transmissions in 2005). The extra paperwork it can cause for us makes no sense-even when we don’t call anyone other than businesses that are exempt from the law.

The stinger is that we have to procure the national list every 30 days. Since the Kansas list is part of the national list, we just need to have the one. Where a state does not report to the national database, two lists would be required.

If someone has a home business and has published the phone number, the do-not-call protection is not extended.

A letter to the editor faxed to me by my sister stated she was annoyed by telemarketing calls but not enough to support a statewide ban. The writer went on to say that the telephone is just one of many vehicles businesses use to market their wares. She was also annoyed by billboards and commercials, but advertising makes many things we enjoy today possible, such as TV shows, news, radio programs and awareness of products and services we otherwise would not know about.

The point is, why legislate against something that is merely annoying-especially when you can do something about it yourself? Like take the phone off the hook.

I didn’t sign up for no-call and I won’t.

In the I-wish-I-had-thought-of-it category is the new toothpaste that has floss in the cap.

The new Highway K-150 through the Flint Hills makes the old one seem more dangerous than ever. How could we have made it through there all those years without more bad things happening? The new road gets my vote as the most improved road of all time.

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