Chiropractor Dennis Scharenberg is celebrating 30 years in business this year. I missed his big party this past Saturday because I was out of town, but I didn’t miss out on his help through the years.

I first met him because of a problem that developed with my back while I was shoveling snow in my driveway in the winter of 1978. Something went zing and I was suddenly reduced to crawling around on the floor.

Within a few days he had me back on my feet. Whenever my back went out from then on, he always had me going again really fast. I remember the old back being messed up just before I was to go on a ski trip and with his help was still able to go hit the slopes as planned.

— An acquaintance of mine who has lived in Lawrence for most of his adult life told me he had bet $5 against the Jayhawks every game this fall and now was beginning to get nervous.

We had a great time visiting our son Dan and his friend Jen in Seattle over a long weekend. Believe it or not, it never rained once-nor were there any clouds.

One of the highlights was a day trip to the ocean on Saturday to Rialto Beach. It’s not just a matter of driving there.

First, one has to catch the ferry to cross the Puget Sound.

Then there are bridges to cross that usually have backed-up traffic.

Then one has to stop at a lavender farm and pick up some Lavender. I had never heard of it until the women thought they couldn’t do without it and we stopped at this farm named Purple Haze.

We finally arrived at the ocean mid afternoon and what a sight it was. Not a pretty sandy beach, but a rugged coastline with tons of trees piled up everywhere-and no sand, just rocks as far as you could see. I even took the opportunity to spit in the ocean.

Dan had a project he was working on while we were there and asked me if I wanted to help. We didn’t used to work well together but this time it was different. Maybe it was because we are now both adults. And this time he wasn’t Daddy’s helper; I was now Danny’s helper.

We went to Dunn Lumber to pick up some dimension lumber and a long list of hardware for the project.

As the clerk was adding it up he said, “We’re almost done.” And I said, “I think you were Dunn before you started.”

— The technology keeps making advances in the airline industry. Our leg from Seattle to Denver was on a Boeing 777 that had individual video screens on the seat-back in front of each passenger.

You could choose from five video programs, listen to 19 digital musical channels or watch a map showing the progress of the plane across the country. And you could check ground speed, altitude and miles traveled and miles remaining on the flight. Cool stuff!

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