Marion to seek $1 million in IRBs

The Marion City Commission Monday approved setting a hearing for 4 p.m. Sept. 29 on issuance of up to $1 million in industrial revenue bonds for construction of a new assisted living facility between the hill water tower and school bus barn.

Development Director Susan Cooper explained that the bonds go through the city for tax exempt status, but that, in the event of default, the responsibility falls on the borrower and the bond company.

The commissioners awarded a low bid of $20,048 to Buckner Construction Co. of Marion over an alternate bid of $20,445 from Hett Construction Co. of Marion for a three-week-limit building of street surfacing and guttering on part of Kellison as requested by residents along the street.

Commissioners approved a mutual aid agreement with Marion County Fire District No. 5 at Lincolnville to correct errors made in an earlier agreement.

Cooper presented a Web site proposal that would reduce city cost from $4,700 annually for a community “chamber of commerce like” to $3,500 for a city government site.

David Mayfield, city administrator, said he has received a letter from David Brazil, transfer station director for the county, regarding charging the cities extra for commercial and demolition waste received as part of regular urban waste disposal.

During a 60-day trial period the C&D waste that would have been charged extra for amounted to little more than $45 worth, and Mayfield said the city needs to arrive at a decision with the county over what to do about it.

Michel Soyez, police chief, reviewed a Kansas Police and Fire Retirement proposal for the police department with commissioners.

The commissioners went into executive session for 20 minutes with Dan Baldwin, city attorney, to discuss litigation.

The commissioners approved paying warrants for $14,817.71.

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