Our Free Press inserting and distribution staff made me extremely proud this past week.

With nine inserts slated for the Free Press, it would have been a daunting task to assemble all of this within the short window of time we normally have to get it done.

But when the second and third trucks from the printer were more than two hours late, our crew still got the work done in time to make the mail for all but one route and the end of another route, which were delivered early the next morning.

This made it business as usual for those who receive the Free Press on Wednesdays, but they wouldn’t have known how hard our staff worked to get them their newspapers on time.

— In the course of mailing each week’s edition, our mailroom staff has a lot of fun while they work. This past week, someone posed this question: Would a horse eat fried chicken?

A horse might eat fried chicken if its name was Colonel.

Why is Colonel pronounced “kernel” when there is no “R” in it? That makes no sense at all.

I can’t remember seeing a player with the number 56 playing quarterback in a football game. It happened in the Hillsboro-Nickerson game Friday night.

Caleb Marsh, the starting quarterback, was injured just before the end of the first half and we needed a replacement for the second half. Derek Hamm, who had been moved to the line for the Nickerson game, got the call.

The lanky junior showed what “rising to the occasion” means. He did an outstanding job even with a 56 on his uniform.

Because the entire team rose to the occasion, the Trojans came out on top. Teamwork and desire goes a long way.

Speaking of teamwork, an entire town needs it to succeed. Everyone working together can make things happen.

I see our business community as a big team. Our Free Press/Advocate “Hillsboro Has It” campaign is evidence of the many things that are available in our town in the way of goods and services.

Our selection of goods is outstanding when you think about it.

I can find almost everything I need right here, and 1 percent of the purchase price comes right back to Hillsboro through sales tax.

Even more important, the profits my friends and neighbors make from my purchases makes it easier for them to contribute to local causes that benefit many all of us.

— “Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup!”

“That’s not a fly, sir, it’s just dirt in the shape of a fly.”

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