EDITORIAL: A slight remodeling

We’re still adjusting to the absence of Cheryl Jost’s Real Cooking column on these pages. But her recent decision to retire the column for the time being did give us an opportunity to “remodel” our Opinion section and add a few features we hope you’ll enjoy.

The most noticeable change is the editorial cartoon that will inhabit the space where Real Cooking lived these past five years. We believe the addition of an editorial cartoon not only visually enhances this section of our newspaper, but gives us a chance to connect with national and world events beyond Marion County in a way that we hope will be entertaining as well as thought provoking. If you happen to agree with the cartoonist’s perspective, you’ll enjoy it all the more. But you’ll see a variety of viewpoints expressed in that space from week to week.

We’ve also reworked the layout of our publisher’s popular Partly Nonsense column in part to create space for two new additions to this page.

n “The Week That Was” will take us back five years ago with a recap of the news from the week.

n In the lower right-hand corner of this page you’ll find a small but powerful feature provided to us by Lowell Goering of Hillsboro that has been running in the Free Press Extra since that sister publication took on its present format. He calls his flash of insight either “WhizDumb” or “UpWords,” depending on the occasion.

We hope you like these changes. We’re considering more in the weeks ahead. -DR

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