A while back I mentioned I thought it would be fun to try to make waffles on a George Foreman grill. I never really intended to try it, but did recently by accident.

Our waffle iron and the grill must look a lot alike in the morning. At least they are both white and about the same size.

I grabbed what I thought was the waffle iron, plugged it in and then went about my business of mixing the waffle dough. When it was time to make the first one, I noticed my mistake-but now my opportunity was there.

Make a waffle on the George Foreman.

I poured a cup of batter on the grill but had a little problem. The grill design makes it slant forward so the grease can run off. I grabbed a couple of tea bags to shim up the front legs, and the problem was quickly rectified.

The grill heats from both sides-just like the waffle iron. But to get the cross-hatch pattern, I had to give the little waffle a quarter turn.

It didn’t really look much like a waffle, but it tasted like one just the same.

I give our downtown street-lighting ceremony this past Thursday evening four gold stars. What a great event for our town.

The weather couldn’t have been better even if we could control it. Everyone I talked with about the evening thought it was simply a terrific event and one that could and should be repeated each year.

Just wondered what others think about using two bun bottoms and two bun tops on a sloppy joe.

I was going to go ahead with them not being matched up the other evening, but when it came down to it I switched them so each joe had a top and bottom.

It wouldn’t make any difference in the taste but it just isn’t right, I guess.

If our legislators keep coming up with laws that make life way more difficult than it needs to be-such as with the new sales tax law-it makes more and more sense to me to start thinking about another Boston Tea Party.

Our community band just keeps getting better and better. They deserve four gold stars, too, for their performance at the lighting ceremony.

One more thing about last Thursday. Hats off to our volunteer fire department for their assistance in cleaning up the grime from the construction. They worked two nights in a row to make the place shine. Our city fire equipment water power makes a garden hose look like a toy.

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