Hillsboro’s celebration takes to the streets

For four long, hot months, Hillsboroans put up with their share of dust, noise and inconvience as the downtown section of Main Street and Grand Avenue were ripped up and replaced.

Last Thursday, an estimated 900 of them showed up, along with some out-of-town friends, to celebrate the final result: brand-spanking-new streets and sidewalks and streetlights. A present to themselves and for others.

With near perfect weather as a backdrop, they came to eat free hot dogs and drink free pop. They came to hear the community band and the Schniggle-Fritz polka band. They came to visit as neighbors and friends. They came to win prizes.

The mamoth $800,000 project is now all but complete-well in time for the Arts & Crafts Fair, and well in time for Hillsboro’s progressive future.

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