EDITORIAL: Beautifying notions

A few weeks ago we postulated that recent efforts to upgrade the city-namely the downtown street project, the city’s ongoing cleanup campaign (see Page 13), and improvements at Memorial Park-might spark a beautification renaissance across our fair community, particularly the downtown area. We encouraged folks to share their ideas for enhancing the community’s aesthetic appeal.

Believe it or not, some folks have done just that. We pass on some of those ideas here as a way to further stir creative juices. Keep in mind these are only ideas-nothing has been done to explore the feasibility of such notions.

More than a couple of people have wondered about bringing more greenery into the downtown area. Emprise Bank will be planting new trees to replace the ones that were removed during the renovation project, but some folks would like to see more.

At least one person would like to see Hillsboro capitalize on its arts-and-crafts image with the development of large murals in strategic places. Two such places might be: the large, all-brick facade on the southeast corner of the former Schaeffler Building that faces Grand Avenue; and the upper veneer that runs across the top front of old city hall.

Others have mentioned the possibility of water fountains, small sculptures or additional highlighting with the red brick taken from the old street.

What do you see? -DR

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