A person should never say “I told you so”…but I said the streets would be done in time for the Arts and Crafts Fair.

–Last week I had the pleasure of meeting David Krause, 89, who is cleaning off the bricks from Main Street for the walking path planned for Hillsboro’s Memorial Park.

If you remember our article on Krause, the city will need about 80,000 bricks to complete the project. Krause told me that in a week he had cleaned 1,000 bricks, so only 79,000 still need to be cleaned. I admire his attitude.

–One of my favorite stories is about the little old lady who called the fire station to report that the neighbor’s garage was on fire.

They asked her, “How do we get there?”

Her reply: “You still have that big red fire truck, don’t you?”

–It’s hard to believe our grandson is starting kindergarten this fall. He could probably teach some of the things they’ll be talking about this year.

When he and his brother were here last week I told them to tell the car to honk. So when they did I pressed the remote in my pocket and of course the horn honked. After repeating the routine several times, he looked quizzically at me and said, “Is that thing voice activated or something?”

–All I can remember from kindergarten was that we were supposed to drink milk out of a carton-which I didn’t because I was allergic to milk-and lie down on a rug and take a nap or at least be quiet-which I didn’t do either.

–These days software is available that is voice activated and will enter what you say directly on to your computer screen. I don’t believe I can think fast enough to make that work.

–I started watching the Chiefs/
Vikings preseason football game Saturday night but got tired of it really quickly because one of the sportscasters kept giving his advice to all of the players instead of just telling what was going on in the game. I hate it when announcers do that.

Anyway, during a commercial I switched to KPTS public television and got hooked on watching “André Rieu, Live from Dublin.” This show featured a symphony orchestra led by a violin-playing conductor who was fun to watch. I never thought I would actually prefer a symphony over a football game, but it happened.

If you want more information about the orchestra, you can find it on the Internet at In fact you can find out about anything on the Web.

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