Goessel council plans open house for new water tower

The Goessel City Council decided at its Aug. 14 meeting to invite the public to an open house for its new water tower next month.

After Public Works Director Arlen Goertzen told the council that a number of residents had asked him if there would be an open house, the council decided to schedule it for 10 a.m. to noon, Saturday, Sept. 13.

Goertzen said because a pump at one of the water wells had only been pumping at half capacity, the new water tower could not be completely filled right away.

He said because he has now replaced the submersible pump in two of the wells and has installed the telemetry system, the new tower now fills to 97 percent capacity.

Goertzen said he would like to do more extensive well work this fall. He has already talked to Lane Western in Wichita about the well work. It will take $5,000 to $7,000 to chemically treat the water in one of the wells.

Goertzen said the paint is peeling on the two smaller well houses. The council authorized him to check the price of vinyl siding.

The council expressed appreciation for the wheat picture that Mary and Martha Voth made for Goessel’s sister city, Pawlowiczki, Poland. The council voted to give the Voth sisters a gift certificate.

Goertzen showed the council the seal of the von Goessel family that Henry Zamojski of Poland gave to the city of Goessel during a Threshing Days presentation.

Goertzen said the seal will be displayed in the city office. He showed the letter and the map of Europe that the city of Goessel received from the Polish community. A packet of articles dating back to the time of von Goessel was also given to the city.

In his report to the council, Officer Joe Base said two warnings had been issued for driving with a restricted license. One warning had been issued for speed and one for exhibition of speed.

The police department also issued two warnings for parking violations, two for driving with only one headlight, and one for driving without headlights.

Officers drove 260 miles during the month. They investigated one accident, one burglary/theft and one domestic call. Base said he has talked to the sheriff about alcohol testing equipment.

He talked with the council about the parking situation in front of the high school. The council voted to restrict parking on the south side of Main Street directly across from the high school to one hour between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on school days. Signs will be posted.

Resident Tony Epp discussed drainage issues with the council. He said he is willing to cover the cost of digging out the ditch in front of his place. He said he thinks Bethesda Home and Sunflower apartments should also help pay for the cost of improving ditches on their property.

When Councilor Larry Lindeman asked if ditches are the land-owners’ responsibility, Goertzen said they are.

Councilor Racquel Thiesen asked about a grant for ditches. City Clerk Anita Goertzen said the city did not get the grant the first time it was submitted, but it will be submitted again. Councilor Jim Wiens and Arlen Goertzen discussed scrapers that could be used for digging out ditches. They will look into the matter.

Linda Peters, representing Bethesda Home, asked the city to endorse a grant application. She said lights are needed for Bethesda Home’s walking path. Forty-five single lights and one triple light are needed for the area. The estimated cost is $30,205.

Peters said Bethesda Home is requesting $24,164 from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks for the lighting project. Peters said the Lions Club has already raised more than $6,000 for the project, and the Wal-Mart Foundation has donated $1,000.

Peters expressed appreciation for those donations, saying the lights “will benefit the entire community.”

Peters said she needs formal endorsement from the city in order to apply for the grant. The city is not spending any money on the project. The council endorsed the project.

In other business:

– Arlen Goertzen said he would like to rent a cherry picker so he can trim the tree branches at the park. He would also like to remove the dead elm tree near the city building.

– The council discussed the foot bridge on the south side of Main Street west of the post office. It is currently not useable. Wiens volunteered to donate I-beams and construct the bridge himself.

– The council authorized Anita Goertzen to attend the Kansas Municipal Utilities meetings in September.

– Goertzen said the city has received the first franchise check from the telephone company.

– Arlen Goertzen said the city would have to pay the cost of moving the phone pedestal currently located where the new street will be built west of the day-care center.

– Lindeman said he had been asked if a street would be constructed that would connect the ball diamonds with Highway K-15. Mayor Peggy Jay said, “Let’s get Osage done first.”

– Councilor Larry Schmidt said residents had complained to him about Threshing Days traffic behind the grade school. Arlen Goertzen and Anita Goertzen said that next year the exhibition traffic will come in from the west instead of the current route.

– Wiens commended Arlen Goertzen for cleaning up the demolished house along Main Street. The council discussed plans for the property but took no action.

– The council appointed Crysta Guhr to the library board.

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