The goals remain

Five years of publishing is a small milestone compared to the legacy of most newspapers across Kansas. But it’s the first time we’ve reached it, so forgive us if we think it’s a big deal.

Looking back, we’ve invested a lot of time and energy to make this newspaper viable economically and interesting editorially. Having outstanding staff members over these years has enabled us to come closer to achieving both goals than we had a right to expect.

For every achievement, we painfully recall the numerous missteps we’ve made along the way. If we started this venture again, we’d likely do some things differently. But about one thing we have no regrets or second thoughts: the target we set before ourselves. We articulated that target as a mission statement accompanied by specific values we felt we owed our readers if we deserved a chance to serve this community and county. We offer them here as a way to continue our course into the future.

* * *

THE MISSION of the Hillsboro Free Press is to contribute to a stronger and more vibrant community by practicing and promoting the highest standards of journalism for the benefit of our readers and advertisers.

* * *


Content that is relevant to personal and community needs and interests.

Writing that is clear, concise and lively.

Reporting that is aggressive, thorough, fair and accurate.

Features that are enlightening and entertaining.

Commentary that is relevant and incisive.

Design and graphics that enhance readability and impact.

Advertising that serves consumer needs and satisfaction.

A forum for feedback and dialogue.

Courteous consideration of concerns and criticisms.

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