Partly Nonsense

“Old Timer.” I really never associated that moniker with me until last Friday night at the unveiling party for Brian Stucky’s new book, “Hallowed Hardwood.”

Chet Roberts, former basketball coach and present superintendent at Goessel, mentioned in his introduction that some old timers may remember playing in Goessel’s old gym, which is now the auditorium.

I was sitting there and then realized, “Hey, that’s me.”

Hillsboro played Goessel in that old gym back in the late ’50s. I remember it well because I had just smashed both of my thumbs in a lead-casting machine while working at the Star-Journal.

I don’t remember much about the game other than my shot was off due to all the tape.

We had our downtown neighborhood block party this past Saturday-a mid-morning brunch that was well-attended and a great experience. Everyone gave a brief life sketch, which was extremely interesting to me.

If you haven’t had your neighborhood block party by now, there’s still time.

I’m still on my what-used-to-be-here mode for downtown. For example, does anyone know where all of the barbers used to be? Or all of the grocery stores, the implement dealers, the clothing stores, the car dealers?

Cell phones have changed the way the world works. Often we get a call from son Dan in Seattle because a drawbridge is up or he is stuck in traffic. Sometimes, when he is sailing in the Puget Sound, the wind quits blowing and there is little else to do.

We hear about third-world countries. Are there any second-world countries? When Bob Woelk is around the office, as he was last week, it seems these kinds of questions frequently are pondered.

I heard once that short naps are very good for the body and soul. On Sunday afternoon I fell asleep listening to a song on directv music and when I awoke the same song was just ending.

Do you realize this Nonsense column is perfectly square? Five inches square, to be exact.

Do you ever look at the planets? According to a tip from Scott Zogelman, Florence, Mars will be quite visible this month and will be seen best Aug. 27 at about 12:30 a.m. The Red planet will be as close to earth as it has been for 60,000 years.

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