Marion gives poles to KDOT for junction of U.S. 50 & 77 highways

City Administrator David Mayfield told Marion City Commission members Monday that the Kansas Department of Transportation asked to buy utility poles from the city for new stop signs at the junction of U.S. highways 77 and 50, and he gave them to KDOT instead of selling them.

Mayfield said he felt it was the least the city could do in consideration of the truck and crew KDOT had provided free to Marion during the recent water crisis.

“We even went down, and helped them drill holes when their equipment broke down,” he said.

Commissioners Jim Crofoot and Larry McLain, who acted as chairman during Mayor Eloise Mueller’s absence, supported Mayfield’s actions.

McLain said, “It’s a good example of needed cooperation between government agencies.”

Mayfield and Development Director Susan Cooper asked the commissioners for quick approval of legal publication for public hearing for a community block development grant through the Kansas Interagency Council to help pay for water emergency improvements.

The matching grant would allow for reimbursement to the city of $22,326.62 from grant funds with a match of $5,695.65 from city funds, a total of $28,022.27, Mayfield said.

Cooper said the KIC is a combination of representatives from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Kansas Rural Development and the Kansas Department of Commerce.

Margo Yates, representing the recreation commission, noted the recent state championship win by the age 11-and-under boys’ baseball team.

The commissioners approved transfers of $10,000 from the general fund to the bond and interest fund, $22,000 from the electrical utility fund to the bond and interest fund and $9,029 from the sewer utility fund to bond and interest fund, all for debt service.

The commissioners approved payment of warrants for $104,550 that Mayfield said included $71,522.75 for payment on industrial park bonds and interest.

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