My statement about the electricity never going off anymore was already printed when the lights flickered last week and it was too late to change. Word is that any problems we now have are KPL related.

–Don Wipf and I played in the Bud Bruce Memorial Kansas Press Golf Tournament this past Saturday at the new Auburn Hills Golf Club in Wichita. It was 100 plus degrees outside but mostly fun anyway.

The rule was that if you had nine strokes on a hole, you picked up your ball and went to the next hole. We both did that more than once. Hey, it’s a jungle out there.

–I put my economic development hat on the other day and started to think about things.

One thought was this. What if Hillsboro was bigger than McPherson? And the next thought was, why not? And then, by when? Well, how about by 2030.

We have smart, ambitious people in our community. We have room to grow.

For example: There is the new Hillsboro Heights addition for commercial growth. We have an industrial park with available sites. We have four housing subdivisions with available sites and ongoing construction.

Our downtown is evolving and has been ever since I can remember (that would be around 1955). Plus we will have a brand new Main Street with new lights and a new look by the first part of September.

Folks, we are ready for your new ideas now. A few years back, we were having a brain-storming session to come up with a slogan for Hillsboro. One of mine was this: Hillsboro…two of practically everything. Let’s make it three of practically everything. The more reasons to come, the more people will come.

The Hillsboro Development Corporation, the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce and the city of Hillsboro have the tools to make things happen. Follow your dreams and see what can happen. We did, and we’re having our fifth birthday next month. Start something and we’ll promote it like no one else can or ever has.

–I was thinking about our downtown and comparing what we now have with what was here in the 50s. There is very little that is the same as it was then. In fact it would be fun to do a little list of “what used to be here.” Our building used to be a theater, then a dry cleaner/laundromat, then a flower shop, then a craft gallery and then a health foods store/chocolate factory and now the Free Press and Print Source Direct. And I may have missed some others. This covers just 50 years.

–What is it about golf that makes grown people go out in extreme heat. I doubt if we would sit in the house and play games in temperatures of more than 100 degrees.

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