Kids commended

for raising local funds

On behalf of United Way in Marion County (an affiliate of Harvey County United Way), I would like to thank some future leaders of Marion County who volunteered their time and donated the proceeds they made selling lemonade and cookies at the Peabody Fourth of July Celebration.

They are: Emily Ardrey, Jaymi Barnhart, Michael Hamous, Racheal Hamous, Alex Holm-McDowell, Stephanie Rempel, Clarissa Terronez and Tawny Wynn-all of Peabody.

The above middle-school-aged youth wanted to do a fund-raiser to benefit their community. Janet Hamous, the mother of Michael and Racheal, suggested they donate the funds to United Way and further explained to them they would be benefiting several agencies as opposed to one in particular.

Today, teenagers and young adults are often stereotyped as being disrespectful, ungrateful, and selfish. I am proud to recognize we have youth in Marion County who are taking an interest in our communities, helping others, and making a difference.

Thanks again to all of you. Your efforts are commendable.

Also, thank you, Janet, for organizing this project and suggesting United Way as the recipient.

Jessie Nikkel, chair

United Way in Marion County

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