Partly Nonsense

Here’s a little lesson on how to eat bing cherries. First, take a few from the bowl and put them on your plate, then sit at the table. Next, get up and put a few more on your plate, then sit down. Finally, go get the bowl and take it to the table. Begin eating them all.

Friday morning I took the shortest shower I have ever had. After working out at the Health Post, we were walking home and noticed the worker installing the new water-meter hookups in the front of our building on South Main.

I asked if his crew was planning to turn off the water and he said no.

So, I prepared for my shower, then reached in and turned on the faucet. It blew air-and very little water. I jumped in, got a little wet and that was it. (The water line outside had just broke).

My first thought was maybe I could use the water in the toilet to wash my hair at least and then rinse it with a flush. Since I am in charge of cleaning my bathroom, I quickly ruled out that option. I believe they call that getting a swirly.

We may not like the heat we’ve been having, but at least the electricity doesn’t go off anymore.

I was listening to a radio station on the left end of the dial-actually there is no left end of the dial anymore, but it was on a lower frequency-and heard about how to increase the range on your keyless entry for your vehicle.

Supposedly, if you hold it to your chin it will work from a greater distance. The reason is because the keyless system is really a little radio with a low-powered signal. If you hold it to your chin it raises the height giving it more range, changes the direction of the antenna and the ions in your body kind of act like a booster antenna.

The water guys were working again in front of our building on Saturday morning and I told them I’d be glad to see them get out of town. They knew I meant I’d be glad because they’d be done with the project here and could move on to their next job.

If you want to participate in designing Kansas’ state quarter you have until Sept. 10 to do so. Any Kansas resident may submit an idea by using the form approved by The Coin Commission.

Kansans can get the form by going to Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’s Web site at or by calling her office at 1-800-748-4408.

I have been seeing a turntable mounted on the center of a table much more often-at least twice on television this past week. I hadn’t really noticed it since I saw it in most of the restaurants I went to in Taiwan in the mid-1980s. It looks like a great idea to me, but I have never seen one for sale commercially.

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