EDITORIALS: Parents and partners

With the start of school around the corner, it may be appropriate to remind ourselves that the responsibility for producing productive, responsible adults, lies chiefly in the home, not the school system.

Our area has some of the best schools around-and we don’t mean only their academic or athletic environments. We mean in terms of having administrators, teachers and staff who genuinely care about the welfare of children.

But if we’re expecting our schools to assume responsibility for producing productive, responsible adults, we’re kidding ourselves.

That responsibility lies chiefly in the home.

A positive home looks after basic physical needs-food, shelter, clothing. It meets basic emotional needs-acceptance, safety, encouragement. It looks after basic character needs-moral training, loving discipline, spiritual nurture.

To the point: Building a positive home is the responsibility of parents. We who are parents can’t get around that. No excuse is adequate. None.

When we parents find that our physical or emotional resources are inadequate for the task, it’s our responsibility as parents to find help.

And that’s where the larger community comes in. Is help available here?

Extended family is the first line of assistance. Caring neighbors are next.

Then we need churches that find ways to be involved with families beyond attendance statistics.

Our schools need to offer appropriate services with sufficient staffing.

Health care professionals and government agencies play a significant role, too.

Hillary Clinton was partly right-a village can at least help raise a child. Parents are foundational, but we’re in this together. -DR

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