WATER UPDATE (Marion, June 19)

Meeting in special session Thursday, June 19, the Marion City Commission passed a resolution ending its previous declaration of a water emergency.

Following is a transcript of that brief meeting.

City Administrator David Mayfield: “We want to pass resolution 03-06 . This is a resolution abating a prior water emergency ordinance, 1165, passed on June 16. Our plant in Marion is now in full capacity and if you want to ask Harvey about it, he’ll be happy to tell you about it. We’ve got two four-inch gas pumps on line. We will be able to service all the water needs of the city once again. I would like to get this ordinance passed so the people can get back to their normal daily operations.”

Harvey Sanders, public works director: “We’re pumping 620 gallons per minute out of Mud Creek. That’s just about normal for our plant.”

Mayfield: “It’s not necessary for us to pull any more water out of the county lake and it’s not necessary for us to truck water in as long as these two little pumps just keep going.”

Commissioner Larry McLain: “I’d like to thank all the city employees for all their hard work and everyone involved that got us to this point.”

Mayfield: “I might mention that one reason we couldn’t accomplish something like this any earlier is because we had to dredge the creek and Larry will tell you we watched an amazing person run a track loader last night. In a short period of time from about 3:15 until around 5:30, he was all the way down in there, basically to the creek. Harvey was scooping out of the way as he was dredging. Once the creek was dredged out, we were able to get the two pumps running.”

Mayor Eloise Mueller: “Is there a motion to pass resolutions 03-06?”

McLain: “I so move.”

Mayor: “I second the motion to pass resolution 03-06. All those in favor say ‘aye.'”

(Both said aye)

Mayor: “Motion carried 2-0. Do we have a motion to adjourn?”

McLain: “I so move.”

Mayor: “Second. we’re adjourned.”

McLain: “Thank you all for coming for this short meeting.”

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