WATER UPDATE (Hillsboro, June 20)

The City of Hillsboro is awaiting test results that will establish that its water-treatment plant is treating and filtering out particles of the recent algae bloom and any associated toxins. Comprehensive tests results are expected Monday from the lab in Ohio.

The City of Hillsboro provides water for the residents of Hillsboro and Peabody.

“With the information we have now, I feel that we can be back on line soon,” said Steve Garrett, Hillsboro city administrator. “Until we have the test results and then can make a determination, water conservation will continue in Hillsboro.”

Garrett added that he and staff members needed the additional information from the lab to ensure that new water-treatment procedures at the water plant will remove the toxins.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has helped the city by suggesting levels of algal by-products that are regarded as safe levels.

“There are no national or state standards for those toxins in drinking water at this time,” Garrett said. “The values we will be using were compiled by KDHE and are consistent with guidelines established by the World Health Organization, Australia and Canada.”

–News release from the City of Hillsboro, 11:21 a.m.

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