Partly Nonsense

I may have written before that I almost always eat Mexican food at noon on Fridays at Olde Towne Restaurant. Our table is always near the front door, so we can see everything that is going on.

If you were there last Friday and happened to hear a loud crash from the front of the place, it was just me falling to the floor -on my rear with both feet in the air after my chair disintegrated into three pieces.

Nothing else was broken except for a couple of fingernails.

We have always taken our water supply for granted. In spite of potential for problems, who would have thought that one day we would need to conserve water because of toxic algae growing in the reservoir?

I have heard tales of catfish the size of Volkswagens in the reservoir.

When the street project began, I asked that we have a water faucet installed in the street light pole in front of our office. Looks like we aren’t getting one because they poured the concrete for the base of the lights and installed the conduit for the electrical-but there is no water hookup that I can see.

We attended the almost 30th reunion of the Wichita Sun newspaper this past weekend. The group had an informal get-together on Friday night, a dinner and informal program of reminiscing on Saturday night and a brunch on Sunday.

One of the highlights was staying at the Hotel at Old Town. The video in the room states the owners spent $11 million fixing up the old Keen Kutter building-and it shows. It is very nice.

What really struck me about the whole event was that no one on our Sun staff had really changed that much. Speech and laughter all sounded the same. Lots of hair had turned mostly gray, though.

I was having one of those days last week when nothing seemed to be going right. Then I checked my e-mail and learned that my grandsons would be coming for the county fair.

It is amazing what a positive attitude adjustment news like that can bring. But no tilt-a-whirl this time.

All grandparents can tell hundreds of stories about the cute things their grandkids do and say. Since I have this column, I get to write about them.

It appears we may have a budding Eddie Haskell in Atlanta. The boys and their dad were in Omaha visiting their Cameli grandparents for a week with Mom staying home. When little Louie saw his mom after a week he said, “Mommy, you have such a pretty dress and I really like the buttons. And your hair is so pretty, too!”

If that isn’t a line right out of all an old “Leave It to Beaver” episode, I don’t know what is.

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