Florence council discusses highway safety

Kansas Department of Transportation plans for the intersection on U.S. highways 50 and 77 were the most heavily discussed issue of the June 16 Florence City Council meeting.

Mayor John Lehman reported that he’s been told that a four-way stop may be put in at this intersection due to accidents and fatalities. Suggestions to reduce the speed limit to 45 there had been turned down by KDOT, as was the suggestion for an overpass.

The large number of roads that converge in this area, a deceptive curve, and one road that can’t be seen above the horizon have led to many accidents caused by people pulling out in front of traffic.

Later, as the council went into a 15 minute executive session, townspeople continued to express concerns that accidents may increase if a stop sign is put in on U.S. Highway 50.

It was mentioned that speeding and running of stop signs would be hazardous to people entering the intersection expecting oncoming traffic to stop.

Ordinances regarding fireworks within the city of Florence were also discussed at length. The council found that a special meeting could be called to let any sponsoring group, willing to take liability, provide a public fireworks display and allow public participation.

The event would also have to be planned so as not to conflict with the Peabody fireworks display.

Other business included:

n The third and final reading of Atmos Energy’s franchise fee agreement was done by Randy Dallke. This fee will be negotiable again in March 2008.

n Approval of warrant #2003-10

n Discussion of job descriptions for both city clerk and police chief found that slight modifications would be made to ads being placed.

n Jim Steele met with council members to discuss where water lines would be laid for his property, as well as what affect the added sewer line usage might have on the city plumbing.

n Travis Parmley’s request of appointment of Duane McCarty to fire department was accepted.

n Rick Burcky met with council members over the city Web site, www.FlorenceKS.com and will discuss it further at the July 1 meeting.

n A second executive session was held to discuss matters of attorney-client privilege.

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