EDITORIAL: A chance to serve

Here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of a good cause that will contribute to a better Marion County. Organizers of the newly formed United Way in Marion County are looking for volunteers to serve on the fledgling organization’s steering committee as well as the campaign committee that will plan the organization’s first fund drive later this year.

The local United Way is actually under the umbrella of Harvey County United Way-at least until it can stand on its own legs. One of the key benefits of starting a United Way here is that local leaders help to set funding priorities for agencies and organization they feel will best meet the most pressing needs among county residents. Another benefit is that folks who live in Marion County but work out of the county can now designate the local United Way when their company offers matching payroll contributions-in other words, their money goes to help their neighbors and friends.

The local organization has a particular need for more representation from the northern part of the county in order to truly make it a true county-wide effort. At the same time, there’s plenty for other volunteers to do, regardless of their locale.

If you’re interested, contact Jessie Nikkel at Central National Bank in Marion. -DR

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