WATER UPDATE for June 13:

We continue to advise our customers that the water at their tap is safe for human and animal consumption. It is being trucked in to Hillsboro from two different sources.

We are also continuing our Mandatory Emergency Water Conservation Plan to limit the amount of water that has to be delivered for our customers to use.

We have set up a point at the community composting site where customers can get water for free for their gardens and non-potable use. It is not treated for drinking water purposes and comes from a well that the city owns for other purposes. No containers are provided, customers will have to bring their own containers.

Our laboratory analysis is expected within a day or two. The analysis is a complicated procedure as well as time consuming. The laboratory itself has put this testing on high priority and they have people working around the clock to get results to us quickly.

We are very pleased at how well all the organizations have come together to help solve this problem. Our customers have been supportive and have made a conscious effort to conserve as much as possible.

Local papers will also be reporting updated press releases and they have offered the information via their web sites free of charge to citizens.

The Hillsboro Free Press will also have the information on their Free Press Press Free line, which you can call at 620-947-3363.

Citizens who do not have access to the Web site can also pick up the same information at the front counter at city hall.


Water at the tap is safe to drink, although they are still implementing their Mandatory Emergency Water Conservation program.

They are pleased with community response and conservation efforts.

Some water being used is being pulled from stand-by wells the city has maintained since beginning purchasing water from the City of Hillsboro. A permit has been maintained by the city for use of that well and it is being treated and is safe for consumption


The City of Marion is currently drawing from our raw water alternative source at Mud Creek. Due to our current demand we are subsidizing this source by trucking raw water from the Marion County Lake into our plant for treatment an

There are no plans to draw raw water from Marion Reservoir until we are assured it is safe to do so.

The raw water we are currently introducing into our plant for treatment has been tested and is determined to be a safe source therefore our treated water is safe to consume. If need be we can continue this process indefinitely.

We will continue our current procedures until such time we are assured it is safe to draw raw water from Marion Reservoir.

We are still asking our consumers to conserve usage at this time in case of a fire emergency. These conservation measures include:

– Sprinkling of water on lawns, shrubs, trees or gardens

– Washing automobiles

– Use of water in swimming pools, fountains and evaporative air conditioning systems.

– Waste of water.

The City of Marion’s goal continues to be to provide treated water to our customers.


All swim beaches have been closed at the reservoir. Signs advising lake visitors not to swim or wade and to avoid water contact have been posted at the boat ramps and gatehouses.

However, the other recreational facilities are fully operational. This includes all campsites, and all boat ramps including the one at Hillsboro Cove.

The water in our facilities for drinking and showering comes from a rural water district. Its source is water wells and not the reservoir.

The National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS), which accepts campsite reservations for all Corps facilities, is warning prospective campers of the situation. Customers with current reservations are being contacted by the NRRS and advised of the situation. Normal cancellation fees are being charged to the Corps of Engineers and not the customer.


Kansas Wildlife & Parks will have an update on Monday June 16.

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