Florence council continues debate on chief’s job description

The Florence City Council again debated the job description for a chief of police at its June 2 meeting.

Councilor Tim Parmley disagreed with the notion of posting the job as part-time because he didn’t think someone would want to move into town for a 20-hour-a-week job.

Parmley said opting for a part-time chief of police would reduce police coverage by two-thirds, and that one full-time officer would provide better coverage than two part-time officers.

Noting his seven years in law enforcement, Parmley asked to attend interviews for this position as well as for the city clerk position.

The city-clerk job description was also reviewed, and the deadline for application was noted as 2 p.m., June 13.

Mayor John Lehman said he was surprised to hear that groundwork begun for a car wash near U.S. Highway 50 was actually for another liquor store that could eventually also have a car wash.

The builder’s request for water and sewer line were to be voted on by the council, but after receiving this new information, the request was tabled until a liquor license is presented.

Council members also discussed long-term and short-term goals for the city and will continue to solicit input from residents.

Suggestions to be considered include applying for grants to replace some sidewalks and curbs on 5th and Main streets, attracting more businesses into the town, and refurbishing parks.

One change which will be implemented in July, however, is the rescheduling of city council meetings to 6:30 p.m. on Mondays.

In other business:

Randy Dalke presented the second reading of Atmos Energy’s franchise fee agreement.

Jeff Nightengale received permission to remove some broken sidewalk from his property.

The franchise fee on Galaxy Cable was discussed and left at 0.5 percent for the next 10 years.

The council accepted a resignation from the volunteer fire department.

Paul Morrison received permission to use vacant ground east of the ballpark at 9th and Barker streets for a kite contest to be held Saturday, July 5, with registration starting at 10 a.m.

More information will be released to those who would like to harvest feed grasses from city property.

Water-plant construction contracts are to be signed Tuesday; the company which was awarded the contract has an opening and would be able to start soon.

The council approved a request for concession stand usage on the condition that those involved help keep the area free of trash produced by items sold.

A pitching machine donated to the city, unused since there were younger ballplayers in town, will not be made available for public use at this time.

Stuart Funk will attend a June 12 class in Council Grove provided by the Kansas Rural Water Association Long Term Disinfectant Rule proposed water filter plant rules.

Sheriff Ken Hoffman will be reimbursed $115.11 for a respirator he purchased.

Council member Randy Mills thanked Trayce Warner and Brian Harper for the Anhydrous Emergency and Co-op Emergency training classes. He also praised those who cleaned up parks for the Memorial Day weekend.

Reliance Energy will provide a propane-operated mosquito trap to the city ballpark in order to test its function.

n Safety measures were discussed for the city pool, including broader certification for pool employees, and inclement weather rules.

Mills asked for information about what is owned by the city, what condition it is in, and who works for the city. He also wants to know what can be done to increase city pride and improve the town.

Mills also requested a review and update of city ordinances.

Parmley drew up example schedules to facilitate city vehicle maintenance and keep track of expenses.

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