Partly Nonsense

The annual Family Festival is upon us this Saturday. It promises lots to do for young and old. Don’t miss it or you’ll miss out.

I am looking forward to the all-school reunion part which begins at 5 p.m. in the commercial building at the fairgrounds. Be there or be square.

The George Foreman Lean Machine is quite an appliance. It does what it says it will do and possibly more.

I wonder if one could make waffles on it? If you turned the waffle 90 degrees when it was half done it would look just like one.

At future Hillsboro High School graduation ceremonies they might want to consider printing the programs on one of those fans-on-a-stick like we had in church before there was air conditioning.

I have another reunion coming up in June. The old Wichita Sun staff is getting together for the almost 30th anniversary of KAKE-TV’s free newspaper. From 1974-1977 we delivered more than 100,000 free newspapers each week in the Wichita market. The Eagle didn’t think much of having a free newspaper in their backyard.

Notables from Hillsboro on the staff when I was there were Ron Loewen, Loren Jost and Joanna Wiebe. It was just like putting out the old Hillsboro High School Oracle because many of the people were the same.

It was a noble experiment that made the pages of Time Magazine, but the Eagle was too strong for the Sun, which set in February 1977.

“Waiter, I’ll have the spaghetti. Will it be long?”

“I don’t know. We never measure it.”

Graduation time brings back a lot of memories. The following summer I used my car for a hair dryer.

After a shower after work I would head out west on Old 56 Highway past the airport in my ’56 Plymouth convertible and stick my head, including wet hair, above the windshield and the rushing air would dry it in 10 seconds.

I can also tell this story now. When I first bought that convertible it had a big V8 engine in it, so what is a kid supposed to do but test it out.

The next day I took it to a repair shop to get the brakes looked at to make sure everything was up to snuff.

The mechanic called me at work and asked if I wanted the lugs on the left rear wheel fixed because the threads were stripped on three out of five. I said OK, if you think it needs it.

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