Marion leaders approve pool contract for Theirolf

The Marion City Commission Monday approved its annual contractual agreement with Deanna Thierolf to run the city swimming pool, a contract that puts her in business for the city’s benefit, Commissioner Jim Crofoot explained.

Thierolf receives $16,000 and electricity from the city to run the pool, but Crofoot said from this she must hire all lifeguards and personnel plus buy merchandise for the concessions at her own profit or loss.

“If she works smarter or better, it’s to her own benefit,” Crofoot said. “By leaving the contract to the bare bones, it supports her status as an independent contractor instead of as an employee.”

The commission approved buying $20 buttons for both events and concerts for all city employees to Chingawassa Days in June. Crofoot said the employees have a history of “making the event happen to everyone’s benefit,” and this rewards them for “a job well done.”

The commission also approved pool passes for employees.

City Administrator David Mayfield said he and City Attorney Dan Baldwin will be going over a mutual aid agreement for damage assessment and debris removal in case of disasters between Marion County and all its cities.

Mayfield said they thought some clauses in the agreement may need “more spelling out” to insure receiving disaster funds such as Federal Emergency Management Aid.

Mayfield said County Clerk Carol Maggard has notified the city that an organizational meeting of the state Kids Voting Kansas Program will be at 10 a.m. May 28 in the county commission room.

Commissioner Larry McLain said more people are commenting on public safety concerns regarding children bicycling and skate boarding in pedestrian areas.

Police Chief Michel Soyez said parents are being informed when problems develop to give them the opportunity to do something about it.

Harvey Sanders, public works director, said the city crew has been painting the swimming pool and the fountains in the park, and the swimming pool will be filled with water Thursday.

The commissioners approved paying warrants for $21,249.76 and payroll for $24,533.85.

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