EDITORIAL: Water, water everywhere

It’s true that everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it. You can be sure more than a few people around here would like to do something. Recent rains have played havoc with a lot of schedules during this busy time of the year.

As I write this, Hillsboro coaches and others are readjusting their calendars. Regional competition in golf, tennis, softball and baseball was slated to begin Monday. Some sports-namely tennis and golf-attempted to proceed as best they could, but in the end it was more than a little tough.

Certainly, Hillsboro city leaders are beginning to look to the skies, knowing that every day lost on the Main Street renovation project puts us one day closer to the Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair.

Farmers are looking to the muddy fields and wondering when they’ll get their spring crops planted.

And now we look ahead to the big Family Festival on Saturday, knowing that more rain could wash away a lot of preparation and put a damper on the event.

All that said, having coming through a couple of years of drought, it’s still hard not to welcome the showers anyway. All things considered, we still like green vegetation better than brown, and sogginess is one price we have to pay for it.

But ask us again in a month.-DR

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