Partly Nonsense

Ah, springtime. The trees have put on their leaves for summer shade, the temperature is rising and track and field is in season.

I took in some of the James Thomas Invitational at Reimer Field this past Friday. What fun to watch young athletes go for the gold. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was so laid back-that is, until the gun went off.

Looking around I noticed the kids of today have muscles we never thought of having. I think one has to lift weights for a while to look like that. Their power and strength is amazing.

When we talked about weight back then it was because we couldn’t wait for school to be out.

I wonder if high school seniors still keep a calendar in their room to mark off each day until the end of school and graduation. Not that school was a bad thing in my day but I started crossing off the days in January 1964.

The ultimate sports fans for Hillsboro just might be Raymond and Grace Brandt. I can’t remember a local sporting event that I haven’t seen them in attendance.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. I have said before that my mom has a great way of getting her point across.

Since she doesn’t drive anymore I have been helping with errands and so forth. She gave me a check to deposit early last week and when I saw her later that week I had to admit that I hadn’t quite taken care of it yet.

In her tactful manner and without batting an eye she said, “You don’t seem to be taking your job very seriously.” She stepped on my shoes but didn’t mess up the shine!

Tip for the carpenters: Measure twice, saw once. And, as the old carpenter said, “I sawed it off twice and it was still too short.”

The carpenter stuff comes naturally since helping Nancy remodel her store is still fresh in my mind. My dad was always a carpenter and so is my son.

We’re hoping to get the Cameli boys to come to Hillsboro for the county fair, which is just around the corner.

If you are going to enter your artwork, vegetables, etc., at the fair, it’s time to get busy.

Kirk Hinrich and Nick Collison didn’t disappoint the soldout crowd at the KU 2003 Barnstorming Tour at Brown Gymnasium on Sunday. It wasn’t a real game… but it was an impressive 3-point shooting and dunking exhibition. Our friends from Anthony brought a contingent of 15 to see the show.

Thanks to the Trojan Booster Club for bringing wholesome family entertainment to town.

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