Partly Nonsense

I’m getting a jump on daylight-saving time. Some of my watches and clocks in the house and car are already set ahead an hour. Actually, I have just two watches and one of them is an hour ahead.

It was working so well that last Tuesday I thought it must be Wednesday.

In this country there are a multitude of ideas that no one can agree upon completely. On some issues, half of the population favors and the other half opposes. On other issues the pendulum swings much farther in both directions.

Then there are things we all agree should happen, but not all agree on how they should be accomplished. We all agree there should be peace in the world, but we don’t all agree on how it comes to pass.

I think almost all agree that this is the best country in the world to live, raise a family and operate a business. Many, many things could be vastly improved, but on balance most of us appreciate the opportunities and freedoms we have and have taken advantage of them.

Without our armed forces it could be a much different world and I am thankful for the men and women who have served and sacrificed. I can appreciate the sacrifices made by those serving our country now.

A democracy such as ours provides that those in power can lead us into war if they so choose. It also allows for its citizens to be critical and even protest what its government does.

I am free to say or write how I feel about my government. I do not think we should have started a war with Iraq. As I’ve said before, it’s a scary proposition for our country to start a war and not know the ramifications we’ll encounter down the road.

Many other countries in the world have leaders who practice genocide and commit atrocities against its people-just like Saddam Hussein.

The violence will never end until everyone decides to end it. But history indicates it won’t end anytime soon.

I needed a shower after KU beat Arizona Saturday night. The early 16-point lead and the big lead in the second half didn’t fool anyone this time. It took a lot out of the Wildcats to come back from being down both times. Fortunately, the Hawks hung on for the big win.

Near the end of the game Nancy said, “We sure don’t want to be showing up in one of those fantastic finish Pontiac commercials (as the team that didn’t win).”

One of the engineering feats of the century took place at the big remodeling project at 101 N. Main over the weekend. The center wall that used to separate Nancy’s Fashions from the space on the south side was picked up, set on dollies and rotated 90 degrees and set back down.

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