Partly Nonsense

Eating chunky chocolate ice cream has become nearly an addiction for me since we discovered it. Well, any ice cream makes a great treat for that matter. In fact, I think eating ice cream is hereditary. My parents and grandparents always liked to eat ice cream.

I have made a few changes lately, though, in how I have my ice cream. To keep the calories down a little, I have switched rather easily from a big bowl and a big spoon to a little bowl and small spoon. The little-spoon/little-bowl make it seem like it was just as much as when it was a big bowl and a big spoon because it takes just as long to eat it that way.


What would be wrong with charging sales tax on sales made on the Internet and returning the money to the states where the sale is made?

The sales made now are all done with the aid of a computer and a database that contains the information needed to add everything up for what is purchased.

The computer can figure the cost of the item, the cost of shipping and handling and could very well do the same for the sales tax. This is easy to say since we don’t sell on the Internet.

Have you ever dreamed you were awake? Have you ever dreamed you were asleep? Have you ever dreamed that you were awake telling people something and then said it wasn’t real but just a dream? Do you dream in color or just in black and white? Have you ever had nightmares in the daytime? Enough already.

After the nice rains we received last week, we now know what the saying “Right as rain” means. The wheat fields seemed to get greener by the hour as it was raining.

I am trying to figure out where I am going to spend the 31¢ interest my checking account accrued last month.

I generally spend about a half hour working out at the Health Post. This past Saturday morning it went on for nearly an hour. It was because one of my favorite old movies, “High Noon” starring Gary Cooper, was on. Since I can’t ever remember how a movie ends I had to stay until the end.

I can’t remember what happened last week either.

This past week a reader from out of state called to my attention that I used “lay down” instead of “lie down” in my column again after being corrected previously for misusing these words. Sorry.

It is one thing to get smart. Staying smart is entirely another matter.

The rule where a player can call a timeout while flying out of bounds to keep possession of the basketball needs to go.

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