Partly Nonsense

The Hillsboro-Hesston game this past Saturday night seemed a lot closer than it really was. Where else could you find such great entertainment on a Saturday night?

Our guys played as a team all night with everyone contributing to the cause. No one stood out because they all worked together to get the job done. We hope they are equally tenacious for the three-game season just beginning.

I heard that after the loss to Salina Central on Jan. 3 the team got together and decided they were not going to lose again.

If so, it was a great decision.

We have it made in Hillsboro when it comes to choosing a school for our kids. We have a great school just blocks away from our homes with great teachers and proven success in the classroom.

It’s a different story in Atlanta, where grandson Alex is about to become a kindergartener in fall. The school he is supposed to attend is ranked low scholastically, so Amy and George decided to try to petition him into a better school. They had to get in line the day before petitions could be entered and take turns camping out all night to be at the front of the line in the morning.

This seems crazy but what is a concerned parent to do?

Alex is now on the list, but they won’t know until sometime this summer if he made it in or not. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” program allows for petitioning out if the local school isn’t meeting the parents’ expectations.

Alex currently attends a Presbyterian pre-school and day-care center just up the street from home. The program also offers kindergarten, but there may not be enough kids signed up for next year so they can’t count on him attending there.

Amy took Alex to see the school where they are trying to place him.

After they had seen it, Alex told his mom he didn’t want to go to that school. Asked why, he said, “Because all they had was just books and desks. There weren’t any toys!”

The ice created some havoc with our delivery last week. Our truck spent Tuesday night in the ditch just east of Hillsboro, so part of our south route deliveries-which include Marion, Peabody and Burns-were delayed a day. That’s the first weather problem we’ve had since we started this operation, so I guess we should consider ourselves lucky.

The neatest part about the truck being in the ditch was that it received was no damage to the pickup and that Merlin from Markley’s Towing actually called me to see if we needed help and then proceeded to winch us out first thing on Wednesday morning.

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