EDITORIAL: Better to be safe…

It was with some reticence that we decided to publish the articles on pages 1 and 2 about preparing for the possibility of a terrorist attack in our neck of the prairie. Would it really be helpful to our readers to do so? The chances of an attack occurring in or near Marion County seem so remote as to be almost laughable. But then again….

It’s for sake of “but then again…” that we decided to proceed with it. The truth is we don’t know what the future holds or how terrorists think. In the end, the only thing we lose by running the articles is several inches of newspaper space that could have been filled with something a little more… relevant.

And we could gain so very much if the unspeakable would ever happen. Granted, most readers may have long forgotten the advice and tips offered in these articles if and when such a moment of crisis would arrive. But maybe, just maybe, something will stick….and a life or two or three might be saved as a result.

Even the remote possibility if that happening makes the decision worthwhile.

So we invite you to spend a little time with pages 1 and 2. You might find something helpful, even life-saving. We guarantee you’ll find at least one thing you probably haven’t thought about before. And it just might make a difference. -DR

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