Candidates file for city and school positions

USD 410 was only one public entity among many across Marion County to have openings for the April 8 election.

The Hillsboro City Council has two seats open. Incumbents Leonard Coryea from the West Ward and Matt Hiebert from East Ward were the only people to file for those seats.

Mayor Delores Dalke also filed for another term.

Following are the other filings from across the county.

City government

Burns: For mayor, Galen Johnson and Mary A. Glenn; for five city council openings, Kevin W. Bass, Steven M. Cheuvront, Fritzie P. Hatfield, Mark L. Steward, Celia M. Kennedy, Mark L. Brunhoeber; for treasurer, Thomas D. Grimwood.

Durham: For mayor, Glennon Crowther; for five seats on the city council, Verlin Sommerfeld, Ben Goertz, Reinhold Winter and Gary D. Unruh. (One opening remains.)

Florence: No candidate for mayor or for two openings on the city council.

Goessel: For three openings on the city council, James W. Wiens, Duane D. Duerksen, Racquel L. Thiessen, Anton Epp and Joel Ratzlaff.

Lehigh: No candidate for mayor; for five city council seats, Diane Johnson. (Four remain open.)

Lincolnville: No candidates for three openings on the city council.

Lost Springs: No candidates for mayor or for five council positions.

Marion: For utility commissioner, Jim Crofoot.

Peabody: For mayor, Robert Dalke; for three council openings, Steve Rose, Alan Yock, Kenneth L. Grosse and Jacob Schmill.

Ramona: For mayor, Nathan A. Bailey; for five city council openings, Judith A. Gratz, Pat Wick, Lola (Angel) S. Harold and Jeanette (Jeanie) L. Weber.

Tampa: For mayor, James Clemmer; for three city council openings, Tom Leihy, Wilbert E. Backhus, Reuben Kerbs, Tim Svoboda and Paul H. Backhus.

School districts

USD 397 (Centre): District 1, Clark M. Davis, Tampa; District 2, Mark A. Heiser, Ramona; District 3, Leona Hajek, Lost Springs, and Steven L. Seifert, Lost Springs; District 7 (at large), Jesse Brunner, Tampa, and Brent Methvin, Lincolnville.

USD 398 (Peabody-Burns): District 1, Peggy L. Phillips, peabody; District 2, Gary Jones, Peabody; District 3, William Spangler, Burns; District 6, no candidate; District 7 (at large), Gilbert Loewen, Peabody.

USD 406 (Marion-Florence): District 1, Christopher A. Sprowls, Marion; District 2, Kathy Meierhoff, Marion; District 3, Rex E. Savage, Florence; District 7 (at large) Sarah Cope, Florence, and Doug A. Sharp, Marion.

USD 411 (Goessel): District 1, Richard L. Drake, Canton; District 2, Maynard Knepp, Goessel; District 3, Dan Miller, Newton; District 7 (at large), Mary Rosfeld, Peabody.

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