Dear Mr. President:

I voted for you because I believe you have had a life-changing experience and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am writing to you because I believe you want to do what Christ would want you to do.

When I watched the Towers come down on television, my first thought was the horror of thousands dying. Almost simultaneously, I thought with dread that this means war with Afghanistan. Thirdly, I wished that my president would respond with humility for not keeping up the nation’s guard.

I believe the gross failure of the security forces underlie the success of the 9/11 attack. Even if they had no specific foreknowledge, they should have had a plan for such an event.

In my understanding, the “buck” stops at the desk of commander in chief. Had you sincerely apologized to the American people, on behalf of the security forces, and asked for the support of the citizens of this country, America could possibly be more united and stand stronger against terror today.

Within a few days of 9/11, I came to believe that declaring war against al-Qaeda would only magnify the problem of zealot, terrorist Muslims. My brother-in-law helped me see that if we had called the Trade Center Complex a crime scene instead of an attack scene, our response might have been radically different.

In my view, al-Qaeda is the Arab Mob. The government of Saudi Arabia made him a citizen non-gratis and pays him protection money to stay away.

For me, the grossest terror of 9/11 is the growing number of people who believe that murder by suicide is the righteous thing to do. TV news magazines tell us that Bin Laden is the hero of the average person in the street of many Middle-Eastern countries.

I cannot imagine the horror or injustice a people must endure in order to arrive as a people at such a conclusion. It is either the result of totally inept leadership, coldly uncaring neighbors or a little of both.

Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein are problems for Arabs and Muslims worldwide. Bullying the United Nations to give us the right to storm into their house is ultimately going to create more enemies among Muslim peoples.

The problem the president should be most concerned with is the internal security of our nation and justice for its citizens. I believe you should encourage the Arabs and Muslims to take care of their own problem.

Mark Rogers


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