Partly Nonsense

I don’t know whatever came over me, but last week I started baking cookies again. Hadn’t done it since I was about 11 years old on South Adams Street.

My favorites are still chocolate chip. Boy howdy, you could really develop some forearm muscles stirring up that dough.

Then I got to thinking. My specialty has always been pancakes, so why not make cookies like pancakes in an electric skillet? Next time the boss of the kitchen is out of town I am going to give it a try.

Sometimes you want to ignore your mistakes, but the latest one was a little obvious and might need an explanation. It had never been done before but we actually produced a newspaper with an odd number of pages. Twenty-seven to be exact. It can be done when two pages are the same and one is left out.

Luckily for us, the page we left out had no ads on it. Not so lucky for sports fans, though-we left out a sports page.

We can blame it on the new technology we are now using. Our pages are sent to the printing via the Internet. We tried to make changes to the paper after we already sent some of the pages. Because of a miscommunication, things didn’t come out as planned. Therefore, a 27-page newspaper.

You saw it here first.

When I was high school age, I thought everyone always checked their gas mileage. I don’t know why since back then gas was only 33¢ a gallon. When I was in my 20s I still figured my gas mileage all of the time. Some people even kept a book with all of the figures in it.

Now I seldom figure it because it takes the same amount of gas to get there whether it is figured or not.

Speaking of gas mileage. The government is going to require that certain SUVs and pickup trucks get an additional 1.5 miles per gallon by the year 2004. I can advise on how to make them get that right now. Lower the speed limit back to 55 mph. Actually, the best mileage is obtained at the speed just when the vehicle shifts into overdrive in the highest gear, according to Click and Clack.

Why not lower the speed limit only in the states where you find the very largest metropolitan areas? They have the most cars and the shortest distances to go, which would produce the most savings and cause the least inconvenience.

Growing older is more and more on my mind these days. I have noticed that there is not as much padding in my seat anymore.

With the nice weather we’ve been having these past few days, you might want to clean your gutters. It’s National Clean Out Your Gutters Week, according to Jake Wiebe, owner of Wiebe Siding and Remodeling.

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