Partly Nonsense

I wonder how many times I have referenced something I heard or saw while driving down the road. But it is only logical to do so because that’s when I have more time to observe what’s happening.

Anyway…. Last week I heard a radio ad for one of the big-city auto dealers that said, in essence, that if you have a negative balance on your current auto-meaning that you owe more than it’s worth-the dealership would pay off your old car if you traded with them.

That sounds awfully nice of them. But there’s always a catch. In the small print-or with radio ads, the fast talking at the end of the commercial-the guy says the negative balance will be added to your new loan.

So who really pays off the negative balance? The buyer, of course.

Years ago, I used to buy gifts of clothing for my wife at Christmas. That hasn’t been an option for the past 15 years because Nancy has owned a women’s clothing store.

What am I supposed to do? Tell her to pick something out for herself? What has really amused me through the years is when people ask her where she gets her clothes.

The struggle for independence among our older citizens is strong. I have learned this through firsthand experience with my mother over the past year and a half. Ever since she fell and broke her hip, she has struggled to get back to normal functioning.

My mother has always asked my opinion about what she should do about the problems she faces connected with growing older. I have always leaned toward her wishes, and still do.

Places like Park Village and Parkside homes, where my mom has lived for the past six years, are a great asset for our community. They offer whatever level of care is needed.

One of the big issues is when to quit driving the car. We are now facing this crossroad. I told my mom I want her to be around for a while. Driving takes quick responses and, in my judgment, that might not always be possible.

When I was young, she told me she
didn’t want me doing certain things because she loved me. The same sentiments now apply from my perspective.

The start of basketball season is always an exciting time. This year is no exception. And don’t give up on the Jayhawks just yet.

“Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup!”

“Don’t worry sir. The spider on your bread will get him soon.”

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