Partly Nonsense

We have these candle decorations in a little plate on the counter at home which look like cookies. Every year I almost reach for one thinking a little cookie would taste quite good right now.

To research the census and everything you might like to know about the Kansas Legislature go to: Census information for the 70th Legislative District is very interesting.

For example, you can find that the age group with the largest population is 40-44-year-old male and female with 894 and 776, respectively. The age group with the smallest population is 20-year-old male and female with 136 and 93, respectively.

You read a lot about the slumping economy and the effect it is having on everyone. Tax collections are down and the state budget is in crisis, as well as many individual and family budgets. But if you are able to spend a little money this Christmas it would be a good thing.

It would be even better if a good share of it could be spent with your friends and neighbors who could use a boost this season.

None of our readers know this, but our full page thank-you ad was cut from the Free Press last week to make room for more news. We commit to the number of pages that will be printed in the paper during the day on Mondays. While it is always a balancing act as to what gets in and what may be cut, our own ads are the first thing to go.

Our ad went from a full page, to a three-column full, to a 3×5 before being cut completely. The gist of the ad follows here because I’m fairly certain the message will make it to print in this column:

“THANK YOU. The people at the Free Press wish to say thanks to you…our many advertisers, readers and contributors who make it possible for us to produce this newspaper each week. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Please have a safe and happy holiday season.”

A number of people I know-well, more than two-think that the post office drive-through for the letter drop needs changing.

If First Street was a one-way to the west it wouldn’t matter. But it isn’t. The drop boxes should be on the south side of the drive and then it would work for both directions. As it is now, anyone coming from the east has to pull into the oncoming lane of traffic to negotiate the wide turn required to make the drop in the boxes which are on the north side of the drive-through lane.

I didn’t even know this until last week, which was the first time I had ever used it.

“Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup!”

“Keep it down sir, or everyone in the restaurant will want one.”

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