For whatever reason, this year I’ve noticed that life tends to throw many unanswered questions at us.

I’ll admit that some of these questions come up out of bordem, which tends to occur when you’re sitting in class with homework completed and you need something to think about. When this happens, I try to answer some questions that just don’t seem to have answers.

For example, why do parents get frustrated with their kids when they choose instant messaging programs like MSN or Yahoo Messenger instead of using the telephone? I would think that if the parents are already paying for the Internet, why do they complain about using free modes of communication instead of paying a higher telephone bill?

Maybe there’s a negative side to saving money that I just haven’t seen yet.

Another observation prompted me to ask the question, “Why display Christmas lights before Halloween?”

I didn’t notice this being much of a problem around our neck of the woods, but during my annual trip to Louisville, Ky., for National FFA Convention, I did notice a few houses that were already decked out for the holidays. I don’t know, maybe they were trying to cheer up the haunted spirits of Halloween.

Speaking of Christmas, I have a problem with Santa Claus. Trust me, I have no problem with the idea of Santa Claus, but it seems to me the new generation of parents should come up with a different way for Santa to get into their house. It’s inevitable that every year you’ll see news clips about smart guys climbing to the roof of their house to try to take a joyride down the chimney in an effort to make themselves look and feel like Santa Clause…only to get hung up and having to make an embarrassing 911 call.

Another question comes from an observation made in a single-cab truck recently. A sticker on the passenger-side visor says the best place for a child is in the back seat. To the manufacturers of this vehicle: Are we supposed to put children in the bed of our truck?

I think a police officer would confirm that one could be ticketed for riding in the back of a truck. So why should we put our children back there? Or maybe we’re supposed to stuff children in that small storage area behind the seat, or perhaps we’re not supposed to transport children in such vehicles at all.

If somebody has an explanation for this, I’ll listen to it.

Another question has been discussed in Bob Woelk’s column, but why is it so important that dances have extremely loud, if not deafening, music? Inevitably, the most common gathering place at a dance seems to be in front of the speakers, where a group of people is typically talking-or attempting to talk-to each other over the blaring speaker.

I know music is a crucial part of a dance, but for those who choose not to dance the whole time, myself included, it’s a strange feeling when I have to yell at the top of my lungs when the person I’m trying to talk to is 3 feet away.

I’ve been to several dances, and have come to the conclusion that this question indeed has no answer.

My final question is one that women may hate me for, but what good does it do to wear shoes in which the bottom of your foot is 2 to 4 inches off the ground? You know, the big clunky ones that people complain about not being able to walk in.

Yes, I understand that such shoes make you taller, but when it’s obvious that they are making it hard to walk, it just doesn’t make any sense. Why can’t people just be happy with how tall they are? I know it’s human nature not to be satisfied with what you have, but if you’re 18 and you’re 5 feet 5 inches, get over it. You’re more than likely not going to naturally grow to 5 feet 9 inches.

And for goodness sake, if you’re 6 feet tall, wear flat-bottomed shoes. A 6-feet tall girl wearing shoes that add 4 inches to her height looks abnormal.

I hope nobody takes offense to anything I’ve mentioned. These questions arise simply from observations I’ve made over the years. I would be willing to bet that in the back of your mind, you too have questions that have gone unanswered.

If you get bored and need something to do sometime, try to answer some of those questions. With that said, have a great week!

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