Partly Nonsense

One food item gets my vote as the very best thing to eat when you want conveneince and are in a hurry. It is called a bierrock.

The bierrock has meat, vegetables and bread all in one package. It doesn’t need to be covered when heated in the microwave-I hate to cover stuff and get in trouble if I don’t-and all one has to do is add catsup or mustard and it’s ready to eat.

Have you ever wondered how many toothpick wrappers it would take to weigh a hundred pounds?

Looks like Nebraska’s hold on the Big 12 North Division and the old Big Eight is over. I don’t think they’ve gotten any worse-or at least not much. Rather, everyone else has become much better-except for the mythical birds, but they have no place to go but up.

Here’s something that is pretty ridiculous regarding the news conference after the KSU-NU game. A Nebraska student newspaper reporter, of all people, was asking Wildcat coach Bill Snyder whether he was trying to run up the score.

Snyder’s response was great: “Next question.”

The Bluejay and Trojan football teams were almost at the top this year. With fewer injuries here and a few breaks there, they each could have had three more wins.

But that’s why they make “next year” and a chance to start at 0-0. We are lucky to have both programs building traditions that will be fun to watch and something to reckon with through the years.

Glenn Goertz and I were having a bowl of borscht at church this past Sunday when he suggested the idea that Hillsboro should have a borscht cook-off.

How about a borscht cook-off at the Family Festival next spring? This area is full of borscht makers.

Last week and this week mark milestones in new technology for the Free Press and Free Press Extra. Last week’s Extra was printed by the latest method called “disk-to-plate,” which means that a digital file was used to make the printing plate. The digital files are sent via the Internet to the printer in Valley Center as “PDF” files, then transferred to plate. The quality is exceptional, and it is supposed to take less time.

“Waiter, there is a wasp in my pudding.”

“So that’s where they go in winter.”

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