Partly Nonsense

I hear my 4-year-old grandson is now playing chess. We’re going to Atlanta soon and my palms are already sweating because I have never won a chess game in my life.

People continually amaze me with their ingenuity. There is a woman I know who works at a place large enough to have maintenance men on the premises. She was always having her hammer disappear…until she painted the handle green with nice pretty flowers.

This probably won’t count for much, but have you noticed there are three bulbs burned out on the middle arch leading into Grand Central Station on the video intro to the “David Letterman Show”?

While watching the rebuilding of the Tabor football program these past few years I keep thinking of the analogy that making that program successful is a lot like building a new business.

It usually doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of key people and team players to make it happen, it takes a little luck but generally the more prepared you are the luckier you get, and your competitors try everything they can to keep you from succeeding.

My ears used to ring when I tried to go to sleep at night-it drove me bats. It would help to pull the pillow over my ears, but now I don’t even listen to it.

A lot of corporate wackiness is going on these days. To illustrate how goofy it has gotten with these mega-sized outfits, I share the following incident.

We have two credit cards with the same company-MasterCard. We pay them off every month. In October, one bill was much larger than the other.

When the next bills came, we noticed the one with a small amount owed showed a huge credit balance and the other with the big amount owed hadn’t been paid.

When I called them to correct it, I thought it would be a simple matter of just transferring from one account to the other. I was told over the phone: “We can’t do that. We will have to send your money back and then you will have to send back it to the other account.”

“What kind of cockamamie is this?” I said.

Sure enough, the money came back as a refund along with a letter that said we were going to lose the use of the card if it wasn’t paid. I sent the money back with a note:

“You sent back the money I sent you last month. Here it is again!”

I told Nancy I ordered more memory for our big printer. She asked whether I had ordered some for me.

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