Partly Nonsense

Call the architect and design the new stadium seating at Reimer Field! It’s time the old plank benches catch up with the quality of the Tabor Bluejay football program. It was a great afternoon for the fans this past Saturday and a great victory for Coach Tim McCarty and his coaches and players.

Son Dan and his friend, Jen, were here for a week from Seattle. From our experience with Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita last Wednesday night, it seems to me they have a lot more work to do in making area folks feel good about using their facility.

We arrived at the airport terminal about 20 minutes before the kids’ Frontier flight was to land at 9:10 p.m. The arrivals and departures board indicated the flight was on time and then indicated it had arrived. We thought it would be just minutes until their bright and shining faces would appear.

Forty-five minutes passed and no passengers deplaned.

By this time of the day, the terminal had literally shut down. No information people to talk to, no personnel at the ticket counters, no nobody.

I finally found a guy coming out of the bathroom wearing a badge. He said the flight we were waiting for hadn’t come in yet. He also said someone was hanging around in the back room at the Frontier counter. So I rang the bell and this guy appears and informs me the flight had been cancelled.

After about five calls to Denver, he found someone who knew that they had been shuttled to a hotel and would be arriving the next day at 1:10 p.m.

If I hadn’t snooped around, we would have never found out any information. My suggestion is for the airport authority to spend a little more time on providing customer service. Without it, a business isn’t going to gain anyone’s confidence.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but it becomes increasingly difficult to drive at night in the rain without stripes painted on the roadways. It is so hard to see where to go. I guess I could just stay home at night when it’s raining.

This week is National Newspaper Week. We want to express our thanks to our faithful employees for their tremendous effort to bring you the paper each week, and to our advertisers and readers for their participation.

The excitement is building for downtown Hillsboro with the announcement of a new furniture store coming to town. From what I have heard, more announcements are coming soon that will boost our spirits even higher.

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