Partly Nonsense

I’m looking forward to the cooler days and nights that are now upon us. That’s when it’s time to put a kettle of soup on the stove and bake some bread.

I’ve been toiling away at the Health Post for almost 10 weeks (or is it 11?) and I have gained about five pounds. But I never went there to lose weight. Toning up was the plan, plus I’m getting more doses of TV news and country music than I’m used to.

Advertisements keep creeping up almost everywhere these days. For example, we see them above the urinals in bathrooms in restaurants and truck stops and I saw some projected onto grain elevators at night in Kansas City.

I was driving down the road thinking why the trucking companies haven’t sold ad space on their trailers, or trains on their rail cars.

Then I came up with a marketing idea that could really work well for targeting an advertiser’s message to young couples with babies. Why not print ads on disposable diapers? The number of times it would be seen each day would be quite a few, I think.

Here’s something to think about. I heard about 10,000 baby boomers turn 50 years old every day.

That should be a scary number for those who talk about fixing Social Security but haven’t done it.

Tabor College should have scheduled an earlier start to the football season if that’s what it takes to make it rain. The game even ended early because of the weather-and because the opponent said “uncle.”

I found out my sisters and I caused my mom stress when we were little, but I’m sure she didn’t know what it was called then. Recently she told me she pointed to where we should sit and told us not move until she came back. Then she would take a walk around the block.

An article appeared in the Mankato (Minn.) Free Press which talked about the problems people in Mountain Lake, Minn., faced because so many people had the same last name-as well as first and middle names.

There were lots of Harders, Friesens, Dicks, Klassens, etc. One woman went to the doctor and by mistake received a letter intended for another woman with the same name as hers. The letter informed her of the major surgery she needed and gave her quite a scare.

That type of thing has probably happened here, too.

One of my early heros died this past week. It was Johnny Unitas, Baltimore Colts’ Hall of Fame quarterback. He made me feel better about wearing high-top black shoes when everyone else was going to the new low-cut style. The black hightops were his trademark.

It irked me that the NFL would not allow Colts quarterback Peyton Manning to honor him by wearing black hightops this past Sunday.

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