Wiebe to retire as museum director

The long-time director for the Adobe House Museum has decided to retire after 181/2 years in that position.

David Wiebe, director of the Hillsboro Historical Society, recently submitted a letter to the city expressing his thoughts about his years at the museum.

The favorite part of his job “was learning about Hillsboro’s history and sharing it,” Wiebe said.

Wiebe has given his notice, but an official last day on the job has not been determined at this time.

“It’s more like a three- to four-week notice,” he said.

Asked how many tours at the museum he’s given,Wiebe chuckled.

“I sure couldn’t give you numbers,” he said. “I see about five groups a week (for tours), and we have in the neighborhood of 3,000 visitors a year.”

The Tabor College graduate worked in education for 26 years and attended a number of professional museum programs, seminars and workshops.

One workshop Wiebe attended stands out in his mind-the Winedale Museum Workshop near San Antonio, Texas, in 1986.

“It was an excellent program to help small museums to improve their program,” Wiebe said.

After retiring, he said he hopes to “do a little traveling, a little more family research and a little publication,” Wiebe said.

“Those are things I’ve thought about and didn’t get done as years went on.”

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