Partly Nonsense

Hillsboro Heights may be slightly misnamed. I rode my bike back to city center from there-and it was uphill all the way.

No matter where you go, you’re always there.

Most people probably don’t think a thing about safety while getting gas at the pump. I just read a warning how static electricity can cause serious injury and fire. It is more likely to happen in the winter, when static electricity can build up from sliding in and out of the car.

The biggest problem was identified as getting in the car to wait for the tank to fill and then sliding out, which can cause a spark when one pulls the nozzle from the filler hole.

I recently saw a segment on the History Channel about the interstate highway system in the United States. The report said this country has about 43,000 miles of interstate highway.

A few years ago, while traveling to Atlanta, I did an informal study of the number of big rigs per mile on the interstates. I came up with eight. I’m sure it would be much higher in the cities. So make it 10.

That makes about a half million semis rolling at all times.

The study also reported that the amount of warehouse space is down because the inventory is rolling across the country in trucks, which makes this system a rolling warehouse.

First guy: Have you lived here all your life? Second guy: Not yet.

The best thing I saw while watching my Jayhawks get creamed at Iowa State this past Saturday was their new uniforms. There is more than one way to look good on the field.

When he was in Hillsboro last month, grandson Alex wanted to know why there weren’t many trees here and what had happened to them. One thing his parents liked about being here was that they could actually see the sun set on the horizon.

The little boy’s mother told him to put clean socks on every day but by the fifth day he could hardly get his shoes on.

My mom’s hearing is becoming more of a problem for her these days. She talks quietly because she can’t tell how loudly she’s talking. Since she is such a good sport, I told her that instead of telling her that I couldn’t hear her, I would just give a little signal. One time, even the signal didn’t work, so I pulled my chair across the room and sat two feet in front of her. We had a great big laugh about it, and that’s how we get along so well.

Fall is such a great time of the year. It’s a fresh start for all of our area sports teams that are striving for championship status. For the seniors, it is the last chance to make something happen. We’ll be cheering for you to be the best you can be.

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