PARTLY NONSENSE: Word game reflects states of mind

I’ve always had fun playing with words, so I came up with a new game for myself. I’m working on putting words together that sound like the names of states. So far I have OakGlaucoma, Taxes, WhyRoaming, MiniSoda and OhHighOh. Five down and 45 to go.–I am told some folks are confused about whether the Free Press will continue to be free with the introduction of our revamped periodical, the Free Press Extra (previously called the Free Press Digest).

The Free Press, which recently began its fifth year of publication, will continue as our total-market-coverage “flagship” newspaper. It will continue to be mailed at no charge to our readers, thanks to our many advertisers who want this far-reaching market.

The Extra, however, will be available by subscription or on the newsstand to those who are interested in additional information not contained in the Free Press. The primary coverage area of the Extra is the USD 410 area (Durham, Hillsboro, Lehigh).

We believe there’s much more to tell, plus we are serious about creating competition for the publication of legal notices. All taxpayers in Marion County would benefit.–Ball bearings used to be what made the world go around. Now digital rules.

With recorded music, we started with the phonograph. I remember listening to great big thick records with a scratchy needle at Grandma Klaassen’s house in Delft, Minn., on her wind-up Victrola. After that it was 78s, then 45s, then 331/3 rpm vinyl records.

Somewhere in the mix came reel-to-reel tape recorders and then eight-track tapes. I had an eight-track tape deck in my 1969 Oldsmobile and thought I had arrived. Soon after came the cassette players, and now we’re on to CDs and DVDs.

I wonder if anyone has tried converting CDs back to cassette tapes. You can still buy eight-track tapes at Mayesville Mercantile in Peabody.

I’ve often thought it would be cool to convert all of my old technology music to CD on the computer-but then who has that much time on their hands these days?–I haven’t not owned a car since 1963. This past week we sold our Camaro in order to replace it with one that has a back seat since our pickup doesn’t have a back seat either.

It sold because of a simple classified ad in the Free Press. The buyer didn’t read about it in our paper because he lives in McPherson and isn’t on our mailing list. But he was searching for a red Camaro for his daughter on the Hutchinson News’ Web site classified section. Our classified section is linked to theirs, so our ad popped up. He called my number and we made the sale.–The six-gig hard drive conked out in my computer last week. I now have one that is 10 times bigger and much faster that cost less than $100. The technology that is driving our world is just plain amazing.–“Waiter, there’s a spider in my soup.”

“Sorry, sir. We must be all out of flies.”

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