LETTERS: Kevin Steiner showed great manners, too

I enjoyed reading the article about Kevin Steiner (Aug. 24 issue), especially since I am Kevin’s father. Kevin’s uncle and I are very close to the family.

Kevin’s older brother also was a good football player. He quarterbacked Centre High School to an undefeated season one year, only to be injured in the very last game of the season. I feel that team could also have won the state championship; the team that beat them (Bennington) took second place in the state playoffs. This was a team Centre had defeated by three touchdowns during the season. Without Kelly’s leadership, they lost interest.

Incidently, Kelly is now teaching in Hope.

One thing I greatly admire about Kevin was his politelness and how he appreciated what people did for him. I would attend Kevin’s games and he always made it a point to come to me after the game to thank me for coming to support him.

How many teenagers would bother to thank an old fuddy-duddy like me-but that was Kevin’s nature.

Edmund Steiner


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