State releases income guidelines for Child Nutrition Program for schools

The Kansas Department of Education has announced the household income guidelines for determining eligibility for Child Nutrition Program benefits. The program applies to all Kansas public school districts and some private schools. (See box.)

Application forms and an informational letter to households are available from the school district or private school. Additional copies are available at the principal’s business office in each school.

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year. An application for free or reduced-price Child Nutrition Program benefits cannot be approved unless it is complete.

For school officials to determine eligibility, households receiving Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance to Families (TAF), or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR) benefits, must list the children’s names, the Food Stamp, TAF or FDPIR case number, and the signature of an adult household member.

Households not receiving Food Stamps, TAF, or FDPIR benefits must list names of everyone in the household, the amount of income each household member now receives, source of income, the Social Security number of the household member who signs the application or a statement that the household member does not possess one, and the signature of an adult household member certifying that the information provided is correct.

The information is confidential and will be used only for the purpose of determining eligibility. The eligibility status may be verified at any time during the school year by school or other program officials.

In certain cases, foster children are also eligible for CNP benefits. If a household wishes to apply for CNP benefits for foster children living with them, the household should contact the school for more information.

Under provisions of the free and reduced-price benefit policy, the determining official will review applications and determine eligibility. Parents or guardians dissatisfied with the ruling of the official may wish to discuss the decision with the determining official on an informal basis.

Parents wishing to make a formal appeal may make a request either orally or in writing for a hearing on the decision. Contact the school district or private school for the name, address and phone number of the hearing official.

Eligibility guidelines, 2002-03

Household Free Reduced-Price Size Benefits Benefits

1 $11,518 $16,391

2 15,522 22,089

3 19,526 27,787

4 23,530 33,485

5 27,534 39,183

6 31,538 44,881

7 35,542 50,579

8 39,546 56,277

9 43,550 61,975

10 47,554 67,673

11 51,558 73,371

12 55,562 79,069

(For each additional household member add +4,004

for free benefits and +5,698 for reduced benefits)

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