CEO says patient care No. 1 at HCMC

I am concerned when I see and hear bad news as I did recently about infection rates in hospitals. The headline in the Wichita Eagle was alarming: “A top cause of death: hospitals.”

I want to assure our community that quality patient care is the number one concern of Hillsboro Community Medical Center. I heard on the news that many hospitals were challenged because of cutbacks in staffing and cleaning personnel. At HCMC, we have not cut back on nurses or housekeeping staff. We take the time to maintain good sanitation.

While I think the recent attention paints a misleading picture of infection control procedures, it does highlight the serious problem of infection control that we fight every day.

While we do not have to deal with severity of cases seen at other facilities, such as burn patients and major invasive procedures, we still work very hard at infection control. Preventing infections is a never-ending process here with new challenges and situations emerging all the time.

Another reason this is being highlighted is that today we continue to see the sickest patients. Due to changes in insurance and trying to reduce costs, patients wait until they are extremely ill before they come into the hospital. Many times it is the elderly or the young whose immune systems have been compromised and may be most susceptible to germs.

At the same time, we’re fighting new germs that are more and more resistant to antibiotics.

To win the battle, infection control must be everybody’s job. We pledge to always search for ways to reduce the potential for infections.

While we are closely monitored by governmental agencies, an educated public will be our best partner in assuring quality patient care.

Michael J. Ryan

HCMC administrator & CEO

‘Miseducated’ want to erase signs of God

Your recent article about the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision concerning the Pledge of Allegiance being in violation of the Constitution causes me to respond.

The words “under God,” which were added by Congress in 1954, are offensive, so they say. The impression I received from the article was the ruling was too small a matter to object. Actually, the ruling is absurd, yet very dangerous. It should be changed.

There are people in our legislature and courts who are misinterpreting our Constitution with a deceptive lie. The supreme law of the land does not declare a separation of church and state. Our forefathers’ intention was to not establish a state religion.

Nevertheless, misled minds desire to change the United States of America into a socialistic state. They plan to destroy our president, our country and our sovereignty. These planners know Americans would never approve of a sudden appearance of socialism, so they are chipping away at our freedoms bit by bit.

“Under God” is offensive to anti-God people. What next? Some misguided purist on the federal branch will one day determine the Declaration of Independence-“endowed by their Creator”-and the Constitution-“done in the year of our Lord”-must go.

President Bush, in disgust, declared the California ruling “ridiculous.”

The Bill of Rights gives freedom to every citizen. We cannot stand back and allow our religious freedoms to be trampled upon. We are a blessed and great nation.

The truth is there are some miseducated citizens who want all signs of God erased from our lives and replaced by a purely secular frame of mind. They also believe the good place to begin their efforts is with the children. Deny children the Pledge of Allegiance because God is mentioned. Our children must not be betrayed.

The coming election is critical of our beloved country. Let’s inform ourselves by knowing what those running for office really believe.

Vote intellectually.

Mildred E. Karnowsky


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