Baseball-do you enjoy it or love it? There is a difference. I have coached and loved baseball with a passion for many years.

This year I had the honor of coaching the 13- to 15-year-olds in the Babe Ruth division-between my 50-hour-plus work schedule and four other boys in household playing on different teams for Hillsboro.

My Babe Ruth team took second in the league this year due to the hard work of the players. Quite an improvement compared to last year’s record with only one win and one forfeit. The boys should be proud.

Because of our high standing, we were able to take a 14-year-old all-star team to play in a tournament. Players were picked from many teams with two assistant coaches. I tried to make it clear to all players and parents that I, as a coach, don’t know everything about baseball, but it is a privilege to play on an all-star team.

My opinion is that you go to win. If you lose, you go home.

Some people have said I am an aggressive coach. That’s true, we are not playing T-ball. I coach to win and want my kids to play to win. If we play our best and lose, then we need to practice to become better.

This is my complaint: I had a parent and a player upset with me because his son didn’t get to play more.

All parents think their kids are great on the ball field-and they should, that’s what parents are for. My job as coach is to use my players in the best positions and ultimately to win the game.

If a coach plays a kid because they get heat from the parents, then they better get out of coaching.

Sports teaches you how to work together as a team. Maybe the parents need a lesson in team sports so they can set the example.

Whatever effort you put into something will be exactly what you get out of it. If your child is not playing enough, maybe they are not practicing enough.

Let the coaches do their job and if you’re not happy, maybe you need to volunteer next year.

On a final note, if you play on my team it’s based on your skills and effort-not on what your last name might be.

Myron Hamm


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